Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, ms. gr. 2381

Nome:Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, ms. gr. 2381
Istituzione:Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale
Luogo d'origine:
Data:XV sec.

This is the only known manuscript witness to the text of Leontius (mechanicus), De sphaerae Arateae constructione (TLG 4167.001). E. Maass, in his edition (Commentariorum in Aratum reliquiae. Berlin: Weidmann, 1898, p. 468-470), cites ms. Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, 4629 (olim N-67), but he is led to commit this mistake by his reliance on the catalogue of J. Iriarte, now outdated by that of G. De Andrés, Madrid 1987.

Furthermore, the Aldine edition of the text (J. Firmicus et alii veteres astronomi, Venice 1499) may have independent value, as surmised by E. Maass (ibid., p. 314: "nobis codicis instar habenda").

Of great interest are the illustrations on f° 65v of the Paris ms. It is unclear to what extent the illustration captioned τὴν Ἀράτου σφαῖραν ἐνθάδε βλέπε goes back to an actual Aratean sphere. The general outlines of the drawing are similar to the representation of the sky in, e.g., vat. gr. 1087, f° 310r. Yet some details seem unparalleled in other illustrated manuscripts: triangle with captions δελτωτόν above and ἀστέρα ἀνώνυμον below; unclear drawing in the lower right quadrant of the illustration.

Alongside this illustration is another one dividing a circle into twelve zodiacal signs and each sign into 6° arcs.

General descriptions of the Paris ms. are to be found in:
- H. Omont, Inventaire sommaire des Manuscrits Grecs de la Bibliothèque Nationale, vol. 2, Paris, 1888, p. 250.
- P. Boudreaux, Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum. Codicum parisinorum partem tertiam [i.e. CCAG VIII/3], Brussels, 1912, p. 43-59.

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